Millie's Playland was named after Millie, 3yr old daughter of Jon and Alicia Magro who are nearby residents of Lakewood. Millie's favorite animal is a sloth and her grandma even illustrated the logo :)


In early 2019, Jon was diagnosed with stage 3 throat cancer and was about to enter the fight of his life. But he knew he had to go through with treatment for Alicia and for the love of his life, Millie. After fighting and recovering from the gruesome effects of radiation and chemotherapy, and not to mention one very close brush with death, Jon was given a clean bill of health in September of 2019. Their family remains grateful to all who supported them during this difficult time.

While full recovery will take a few more years, Jon and Alicia came out of this with a new perspective of life and love. "This is not a practice life, you get one shot". So they wanted to create something for their daughter and for the community which showed so much love and support to their family. After all, there's no better opportunity then creating a place that can generate so many great experiences for kids.

This business was not built to make substantial profit, in fact we would be happy if we make just enough to pay the bills and our employees. This business is truly intended as an outlet for our family to give back. A portion of any profit will be donated to head and neck cancer research. We sincerely hope you and your children enjoy your experience at Millie's Playland. Thank you.


-Jon and Alicia Magro