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Here are the people and businesses that have helped us get to where we are today.

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Matt Ciesielczyk

Matt, a great college friend of Jon's, spent countless hours doing construction getting Millie's ready. His handyman creativity is unstoppable.

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Jim Kelly

Jim, master trainman, spent countless hours refurbishing the N-Scale train set within Millie's. His attention to detail and maticulous repair work got the entire train layout running.


Stephanie Sommerfeld

Stephanie is a visionary. She helped to envision the colors used within the space. She was also critical in the coordination of vendors. And she is the founder of Acacia Living Photography (see logo/link above).

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The Nemeckay and Crook Families

Alicia's family. This clan drove down from Madison numerous times to help tackle major and minor tasks leading up to our grand opening.

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Doti Strening (and the rest of the Strening Family)

Jon's mom. Spent endless hours creating our logo and illustrating the sloth from scratch. Her creativity has never ceased to amaze anyone.

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